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Complete meals with all your pet needs


Selection of different protein minces, with or without bone


For those who like DIY. Allows the pet to chew and clean their teeth. Gives them satisfaction


Bones are 10% of their diet, and they love them!

Whole Prey

The most ideal way to feed them


Natural supplements, shampoos, etc.


Natural treats with no additives or chemicals


We deliver to your door, no minimum order

Recent Products

Christmas dinner special. Turkey and pheasant complete in a 1kg pack specially made to give your pups a real treat for Christmas dinner. 70% Turkey and offal. 30% Pheasant with bone and offal. ​A nutritionally balanced complete meal containing 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal​, per 100g ​Protein 19.8 Fat 6.2 Moisture 70.1 Fibre 0.1 ​Ash 0.3


Bulls pizzle x1 (from British Beef). Each pizzle is approx 15-60cm long, average weight is 300 -500g


1kg Wild Whole Pheasant with soft feathers (gutted) and organs, minced through a 10mm plate to make a lovely chunky mince. (may contain shot) 10% bone content. Protein 22.7 Fat 6.2 Moisture 67.7 Crude Fibre 0.5 Ash 1.4