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Complete meals with all your pet needs


Selection of different protein minces, with or without bone


For those who like DIY. Allows the pet to chew and clean their teeth. Gives them satisfaction


Bones are 10% of their diet, and they love them!

Whole Prey

The most ideal way to feed them


Natural supplements, shampoos, etc.


Natural treats with no additives or chemicals


We deliver to your door, no minimum order


Recent Products

500g Lamb mince complete Lamb Meat with bone , beef offal 10% with added Vegetables and supplements Curly Kale, Green Beans, Parsnips, Dandelion Root, Nettle root, Organic Fairtrade turmeric, 100% cold pressed coconut oil, Parsley, Green Lipped muscle 15% bone content Protein 14.5% Moisture 61% Ash 5.8% Fat / Oil 16.7%


50ml Natural solution for dealing with bugs and external parasites including ticks.Contains: Aqueous, quassia bark, bitter apple extract, lemongrass and lavender.Instructions for use:Dilute with 5 parts water or use neat and spray all animals & furnishings/bedding, daily. (Vacuum furnishings 30 minutes after spraying).To use this product weekly: simply pipette a few droplets or spray the back of your pets neck , suitable for all animals, mating, pregnant or nursing.If your pet is under 8 weeks use half a pipette or dilute further.Approximately 100ml needed per year/per animal.TIP; during summer months or in a household with a number of animals, use more often. Spray animals, doormats, sleeping areas & bedding


1kg Chicken Hearts