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About Our Company

We are based in Newhaven, East Sussex and we cover most of the South East (35 miles radius from Newhaven). We do weekly deliveries on Wednesdays and we offer collections from our unit on Wednesdays 5-6pm and Saturdays 10-11am.
We stock a range of different raw meat suppliers such as Albion, Nurture Them Naturally, Paleo Ridge, The Dogs butcher, Natural Instinct and Kiezebrink. We also stock natural grooming products, natural treats (JR Treats), herbal remedies, including CDB oil and colloidal silver from Nurture them Naturally and Herbal Pet Supplies.
We try to be as ethical and enviromental friendly as possible so we reuse our boxes whenever possible and we encourage customers to return them to us so we can do so. We have paper bags for all non frozen food related items, but unfortunately we have to use plastic for frozen products. We also encourage our customers to bring their own reusable bags to avoid single plastic wastage.

Our History

It all started with Archie Brutus Magnus of Newhaven, the old tyme bulldog. After only a couple of months of having him, he started developing skin issues. After a few checks with the vets, unable to find the cause, and contacting the breeder getting "it's normal for bulldogs" as a response we started doing our own research. We knew nothing about raw food, and I'm embarrassed to say we were feeding him Royal Canin for Buldogs thinking we were providing him with the best dog food. How wrong were we! During our own research we came across raw feeding and started learning from it, we've never looked back! Nearly a year ago, Taylor the Cat, also known as TayTay developed an autoimmune disease called pemphigus foliaceus, he needs daily steroids to keep it controlled. We know the only way to help his body be as healthy as possible is through giving him the best feeding possible, which again, it's raw!

Our Vision

We aim to provide with the best raw pet food and natural supplies, dehydrated and air-dried treats, natural grooming products, and herbal remedies for your animals. We have specific products for dogs, cats, and horses.



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