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Nurture Them Naturally

500g Free range and antibotic free chicken carcass mixed with 10% chicken offal and chicken heart and chicken meat 15% bone content Protein 13.6% Moisture 71% Ash 0.2% Fat 11.10%


500g Free range chicken breast minced to create a lovely boneless mince within a 500g tub. This is to be used as part of a DIY Raw feeding plan.


A 1kg bag of Duck necks. To be fed as part of a DIY raw feeding plan or as a treat. Never leave a dog alone while chewing a bone.


500g Whole white fish with added Curly kale, green beans, parsnips, cold pressed coconut oil, fair trade turmeric, green lipped muscle, parsley, kelp, nettle root, dandelion root. Protein 15.1% moisture 68.2% ash 2.5% Fat 10%


500g Chicken Carcass, Chicken meat , Chicken offal (5% liver, 5% kidney) Chicken Heart with added Vegetables and Supplements Curly Kale, Green Beans, Parsnips, Dandelion Root, Nettle root, Organic Fairtrade turmeric, 100% cold pressed coconut oil, Parsley, Green Lipped muscle, kelp. 15% Bone content Protein 13.6% Moisture 71% Ash 3.0% Fat / Oil 11.1%


500g Free range antibotic free chicken and beef mixed with offal and heart 15% bone content 10% offal content Protein 17% Moisture 62.9% Ash 2.9% Fat 14%


500g This is a boneless mince made up from a mixture of ox offal parts. This is to be fed as part of a DIY raw food diet and not on its own Protein 15.2% Moisture 67.4% Ash 2.3% Fat 15.2%


500g Turkey Carcass and meat mixed with chicken heart and chicken offal Bone conent 15% Offal content 10% Protein 17% Moisture 71% Ash 2.9% Fat 14%


500g Free range and antibiotic free chicken carcass and pork meat mixed with Chicken offal and Chicken heart Bone content 15% Offal content 10% Protein 15.9% Moisture 72% Ash 2.9% Fat 10%