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1x Large Pigs Ear We only sell the best, and this is one of our biggest selling treat. Pigs Ears are easily digestible, the high cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles and help with teeth cleaning. Easily digestible High cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles Helps with teeth cleaning


Pigs Ears (Raw) (Pack of 2)


1x Raw Pigs Trotter


500g Free range and antibiotic free chicken carcass and pork meat mixed with Chicken offal and Chicken heart Bone content 15% Offal content 10% Protein 15.9% Moisture 72% Ash 2.9% Fat 10%


500g Chicken meat and bone, Pork meat , chicken hearts, chicken offal (10%) with added curly kale, green beans, parsnips, cold pressed coconut oil, fair trade turmeric, green lipped muscle, parsley, kelp, nettle root, dandelion root. 15% bone content Protein 16% Moisture 73% Ash 2.5% Fats 10.0%


1x Pigs Trotter Large