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1x Raw Shanks


1x Raw Knuckle Bone


1x Raw Pigs Trotter


2kg Chicken Carcasses


Organic British Chicken carcasses. Approx 40-50% bone content Sizes and weights vary between 950g to 1100g. We do not cut the carcasses, they are packed as they come. Due to variations in size and weight we cannot weigh out at 1kg exactly. However we will get as close to it as we can within the above parameters. ​You will not get less than 950g. Sourced from a soil association registered organic UK farm. Bone content Approx 40-50% ​Protein 18.9 Fat 7.1 Moisture 71.7 Crude Fibre 0.4 Ash 1.2


A 1kg bag of Turkey Wings.